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Giulia Parisi, 26, is an italo-cuban freelance photographer.

Her aim is to explore and depict what really lies underneath people’s “everyday life”, with a focus on overlooked social issues.

Since a young age she’s been working as an assistant for various photographers, like Paolo Callipari and Enrico Caputo, which introduced her to the advertising photography world, letting her work in his adv agency Carosello Lab, under the guidance of Marimo Adv Agency in 2013, following various clients, like Algida and Findus.

After this experience she decided to move towards the reportage and photojournalism field, studying in Csf Adams photography school.

She has worked in the Rome based Lost & Found Studio, assisting the work and teaching of photographer Angelo Cricchi in the ISFCI photography academy in Rome.

After realizing a documentary in Cuba together with the photographer Giorgio Palmera, she decided to continue her work on the island.