Nayvis (27) is the cuban current best top model. She lives in an apartment at the outskirts of La Habana, Cuba together with her mother, her stepfather andhis brother, who shares the room with. She has three jobs, earns 100 CUC per month, and hers is considered a very good income on the island. Her day starts at 5.30 in order to take 2 busses and be able to get to her first job of the day in time. She has been working in Esperanza’s atelier for the last 5 years, every morning, also because of her dream to become a fashion designer, dream that her Italian boyfriend is helping her realize by sending her different fabrics from Verona , Italy every month.

In the meantime she built herself a very good career as a model, becoming the most paid top model on the island. After leaving the atelier she goes to Habana Vieja to work in a community centre for young troubled teenagers. It has different courses to keep kids away from the streets: she teaches modeling, and hers is the most crowded lesson.

“TOP MODEL” is a chapter of the wider long term job “THE GOLDEN CAGE” about cuban fashion world.

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